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    Missing serial numbers



      Missing serial numbers


      Hello once again, 

           I have a script to import student information from either a CSV or XLS file in my database. As an example I have both files setup with one record in each file. When I import them, I get hundreds of blank records, assuming they are from blank rows in the XLS file, so I made one of the fields in the database require a last name. That solved the blank records. But the serial numbers still increase by over one hundred instead of one. I had the serial numbers generation on record creation, so I thought switching them to 'On Commit' would solve it but it doesn't.


      Am I missing something. I guess it isn't a big deal since the numbers are still unique. I just don't want to have problems later on....




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          Thank you for your post.


          It sounds like the XLS file is adding a number of blank rows.  If there is no way to remove those rows prior to import, then import the records into a temporary table first.  That way, you can remove the blank records.  When finished, import the remaining records from the temporary table into the main table, and you won't have to worry about the serial number increasing.



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