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    Missing template ???



      Missing template ???




      I could use a little help please. I am a Filemaker lightweight using Filemaker Pro 10 on a Mac with Snow Leopard. I want to print some tent cards and I'm having difficulty. The tent card stock says it is Avery 5350 and there is no such template listed when I try creating a new layout. Am I missing a layout or is this one simply not included? 


      Hopefully there is a layout for these tent cards as I have never had much luck creating a custom layout.


      Please advise.


      Hector Caroselli

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          I just checked my install of Filemaker 11 to confirm...


          Looks like you'll have to "roll your own". ::smileysad:


          This may be obvious to you, but if you plan to print on both sides of the "tent", you'll need to rotate your objects upside down on that half of the card or they'll be upside down when you fold your card into a "tent".