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Missing Text After Migration

Question asked by JosephTeegardin on May 4, 2010
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Missing Text After Migration




Having a bit of a problem here...I'm upgrading 40+ faculty members' MacBooks, running Tiger,  to brand new MacBooks running Snow Leopard (10.6.3). The old MacBooks have Filemaker 10 while the new ones have Filemaker 11. 


The really weird problem is that if either "Migration Assistant" or the 'copy-over-user-folder-then-make-a-new-account-using-the-same-name-method' is used to transfer their user folder over, Filemaker 11 doesn't display any text in the normal places (buttons, etc). Our school uses one FM database for lots of things, and everyone has this exact same FIlemaker file. If the FM file is opened in the admin folder on these new 10.6.3 computers, it's fine. It's also fine if a new user is created and it is open. 


Clearly, something is being ported over in the user folder causing this issue. I have tried flushing the font cache, removing all Filemaker preferences before and after, reinstalling Filemaker 11 after...but nothing seems to work. Thoughts?