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    Missing Value List



      Missing Value List


      I am puzzled by a problem that i have just discovered. I am trying to build a database whilst learning the FMP so have probably caused this myself...however, I have built my table structure and have connected them to create the relationships. I also added various value lists but this morning i have found that none of the value lists exist anymore. And i know they should be there - the very last thing i did on friday was to create a checkbox dialogue to pick specific data...now its not there.


      I thought FMP saved everything automatically? hence it not having a save button! 


      I have been working with the files stored on a usb flashdrive to enable me to work on the database either at work or home without building up hundreds of copies of the database. 


      I'm using FMP v8  on Mac OSX  


      If anyone has any suggestions, i'd be very grateful.



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          Thank you for your post.


          I cannot duplicate the problem with FileMaker Pro 9, and I know that doesn't help you.  This is what I have done.


          1. I pulled down the File menu and selected "Manage -> Value Lists..."


          2. I created a new value list "Test".  I clicked the option for "Custom values" and entered:








          3. I quit FileMaker Pro and copied the database to a flash drive.


          4. I went to another machine and copied the database from the flash drive to the hard drive.


          5. I opened the database on the new machine, pulled down the File menu and selected "Manage -> Value Lists..."


          6. I selected "Test", and all the information was there.  I added another option (Test6) to the value list and saved it.


          7. I quit FileMaker Pro and copied the new file back to the flash drive.


          8. I took the flash drive and loaded back on the original computer and copied the file to the hard drive (overwriting the old copy).


          9. I pulled down the File menu and select "Manage -> Value Lists..."


          10. I selected "Test" and all six options are still available.


          I'm not sure what else to try here.  Is anybody out there using FileMaker Pro 8 (not 8.5), and can they confirm?



          FileMaker, Inc. 


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            thanks for trying...I have also been trying to replicate the problem, and the only thing i can think of is that somehow i managed to either rename the file i was working on, or mistakenly set it to record to a different harddrive.


            I think this is almost certainly operator error!   sorry.



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              I use FM 8 on OS 10.4 and have had the same problem. I had someone else on Windows and I was on a Mac working on the same file. It was not a file that had sharing turned on. However, my Mac let me open it, make value lists, etc. The next day, all that work was gone, because essentially, I guess, I was working on a ghost copy. I spent almost two hours on tech support trying to figure it out to no avail. I figured it out myself when I duplicated the problem unintentionally a few weeks later.


              Don't know if that helps, but it's an idea!

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                All of my value lists have disappeared.  I'm using FM Pro 11.0.4 on a Mac.  I'm not sure what happened.  Since the value lists were created in FM where does it store them?  Is there a way to recover value lists?  I had several that I used.