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Missing values in value list used as a drop down menu

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2013
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Missing values in value list used as a drop down menu


     I have had a menu that has functioned well until today.  There are two files.  The second file has a list of names with an associated field that lists them as active or inactive.  If the field is marked as active a second field is calculated to show the name otherwise remain blank.

     A value list is created using the second field.  It works well and inactive names are not shown.  That same value list is used in a second file with a relationship of one to all in the relationship boxes.  This gave me the ability to use that value list in this second file.

     Everything worked well until today.  Now the drop down menu in the second file shows three dots "..." as the last entry in the menu but it is cutting off about 25% of the values.  Clicking on this line displays the full list.  No associations have been changed. No definitions have been changed.  The drop down list works as it should in the file that contains the definition but shows this problem behavior in the related file.  No documentation I can find mentions these three dots as a menu item.  They are usually reserved in creating menus to show more is available like Filemakers own Preferences... menu item.  This is just three dots on the line by themselves.