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Models with multiple attributes...

Question asked by AlexPineau on Nov 6, 2014
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Models with multiple attributes...


I cannot seem to overcome what is probably a simple solution.  I have a table for line items on an invoice. The items I sell have universal model numbers that have multiple colors and sizes (attributes).  When I create an invoice view I am interested in having a summary of those models rather than many line items showing the same model.  For example:

Item #         Item  Name     Color   Quantity

111              Jacket A         (Black)       5

111              Jacket A         (Red)         5

222             Jacket B         (Black)       2

222             Jacket B         (Red)        2

Would show on my invoice as:

111              Jacket A                           10    (Expand)

222             Jacket B                             4     (Expand)

The user would then be able to click on the expand to see a dropdown or pop up of the breakdown of colors and sizes. 

I am unsure if I use a certain function or if the problem lies within my structure.  It seems like there should be a function that Counts or Sums the items within an Invoice ID. 

I am using a view of my Invoice ID with a portal that shows related records from Invoice details.  Can the portal group these items for me?