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    Modified Date changes on all records



      Modified Date changes on all records


      I have just moved from FM Developer 6 to FM 10 advanced.


      I had previously used the auto-enter modified date field to automatically tickle a record two weeks out so that whenever a record was modified the file would change a tickle date so I could then Find any records without changes in the last two weeks.


      I have noticed that since the change to Ver 10, that when I open my database, every record indicates is was modified today. So all tickle dates are two weeks out. Has something changed? Is there a workaround so that you can know when an individual record was last changed?

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             I am inclined to think that there is some script that is modifying all your records with a loop or replace field contents...
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            Since you are using FMP 10 advanced. You might try this to find the cause:


            Open FMP 10 Adv, but do not open the file. Enable Debugger from the Tools menu. Now use the file menu to open your file and watch to see if any script executes. If it does, step through the script to see if it might be the culprit. Sometimes a script trigger is performing a script and you didn't even know that it was.

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              Thanks I think that did it. It was running a script call Update Today's Date that apparently was added when the file was converted to FM 10. The message says the UTD script was discontinued in FM 7 and was added during conversion?? Whatever than means.


              Thank you for your help. 

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                   Perhaps you have calculation fields that use the now defunct Today function? I'd check any such fields over carefully to make sure that they work now that the file has been converted.
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                  Yeah, that was added by the conversion. Since the old Today function produced a "stored" field, and Get (CurrentDate) cannot be stored (if you want it to update), FileMaker created a Today field (I think that's its name), and a script that ran on opening to update it. Kind of a PITA, but it works. In most cases you need to really rethink how you were using the Today function, and, if at all possible, eliminate it.


                  For example, in the old days, people (myself included) would create a calculation field that evaluated this that, the other thing AND Today, to produce a Boolean, which was then used to search on or show. It seemed simple enough. But the internal maintenance of the Today function at every startup was a high price to pay. 


                  Instead, you could build a script that used the same criteria in a Find, using Get (CurrentDate) to set the relevant date field(s); producing the same results without needing the dreaded Today. If you were using it to produce something to show, then an unstored calculation using Get (CurrentDate) would do; slower, but so what.


                  If you simply cannot possibly remove the Today functionality (very rare), then there is another method to preserve your Modification date/time/timestamps. You could need to create a "don't update" global field. Then set it (with a 0 found count). Then let the script run to update your Today field. Have a custom "mod date" field, which usually auto-enters the real modification date field, but not when the "don't update" flag is set. Something like that. Also a PITA, and just as slow; hence best to replace the functionality otherwise. 

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                    I am running into a similar problem, but I am using Filemaker 10 Pro. When I do a serach of a feild, it reset the date last modified to the current date, even if I did not modify that record. How do I correct this using Filemaker 10 Pro so that the date last modified only changes if I edit the record?

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                      What do you mean by doing a "search of a field"? Are you running a script? Doing a manual find. Performing finds do not modify records, so while it may look like this is causing the modification date to change, there is some other cause you have not yet discovered.

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                        by searching a field, I meant performing a manual find.  When i perform a find, the modification date is changed. I inherited this database, so I don't know the originial construction of it. I am still figuring things out. When I inherited this database, they were using Filemaker Pro 5. I upgraded to Filemaker Pro 10 last year. That is whent eh date modification dates started changing when manual finds were being performed.

                        Thanks for helping. All comments and tips are greatly appreciated.