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Modified Invoice Starter Solution - Issue with IPAD layouts

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Sep 17, 2013
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Modified Invoice Starter Solution - Issue with IPAD layouts


     I have a copy of the Invoice Starter Solution and made a few changes.  Namely that instead of Paid/Unpaid, I instead used Sale/Purchase. I've modified the Desktop 'Customer Details' layout to reflect these changes (changing labels and the portal setup filter). My issue is that now when I view the 'Customer Details | Ipad" layout, on the right the labels that should have the Sale(Paid) Invoice Totals and Counts, as well as the Purchases (Paid) are not counting or showing anything. The 'total the total invoices for that customer showing the correct amount.

       I've made numerous changes to the database to modify the field names and calculations that would be referencing 'paid' or 'unpaid' tables or fields, but at this point I'm stuck.

  1.           I've changed the Customer Table -- Paid & Unpaid Match fields to 'SALE MATCH FIELD' and 'PURCHASE MATCH FIELD'. I've changed their auto-enter fields too.
  3.           The table names of the 'Paid Invoices' and 'Unpaid Invoices' to match 'Sale Invoices' and 'Purchase Invoices'
  5.           The changes to 'Invoice Number | All', 'Invoice Number | Paid', 'Invoice Number | Unpaid', to the new names and modified the calculations to the appropriate fields.
  7.           On the Invoices Table, the 'Payment Status' field now auto-enters 'Purchase' instead of 'Unpaid'

     If anyone can tell me what I'm missing I'd be very appreciative.