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Modify Check out Script (Lending Library)

Question asked by MusicAndPerformingArtsDept on Mar 14, 2012
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Modify Check out Script (Lending Library)


I have modified the Lending Library starter solution to be able to Find multiple records using a bar code system and USB scanner. I would like to be able to modify the 'Check out process' script in the starter solution, as it is only possible to check out 1 item at a time.

Is there a way to group the found set, including it in the check out script? It seems as though (But I'm not positive)  that the step that needs to be adjusted is the Set Field command in the below script:


If [ Assets :: Status = "Not Available" ]


Show Custom Dialog [ "Message"; "This asset is currently checked out." ]


Set field [ Assets :: Global Asset ID; Assets :: Asset ID ]

Perform Script [ "Process check out" ]

End If