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    Modify Check out Script (Lending Library)



      Modify Check out Script (Lending Library)


      I have modified the Lending Library starter solution to be able to Find multiple records using a bar code system and USB scanner. I would like to be able to modify the 'Check out process' script in the starter solution, as it is only possible to check out 1 item at a time.

      Is there a way to group the found set, including it in the check out script? It seems as though (But I'm not positive)  that the step that needs to be adjusted is the Set Field command in the below script:


      If [ Assets :: Status = "Not Available" ]


      Show Custom Dialog [ "Message"; "This asset is currently checked out." ]


      Set field [ Assets :: Global Asset ID; Assets :: Asset ID ]

      Perform Script [ "Process check out" ]

      End If

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          For batch check outs, this starter solution goes at things backwards. It confirms an item is available then asks you to select the record for the contact that is borrowing the item. You need to reverse this, select the contact who is borrowing 1 or more items, then start checking out the items. That way the system need not ask you to select the contact more than once for the batch of items checked in or out.

          This will take a fair amount of redesign of the scripts used to make that happen. Will you be looking up contacts in the database by scanning a barcode on some kind of ID card or will you need to search for them by name?

          (And you won't need to use the script that builds up a found set of scanned items either, you can identify the contact and then start scanning items, each scan of an item can immediately check it out rather than add it to the found set in order to be checked out as a group after all have been scanned.)

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            Yes, I will be searching by either name or scanning a student card to search for a borrower, I have already set this up in 'Contacts' layout.

            I had a look at your previous suggestion by modelling from another starter solution but it was a little beyond my skills. As I have been building this I have kept in mind how the self serve check-outs at Coles and Woolworths work, you scan your items; building a total, then your pay for them. But In saying that it should work just as well going the opposite way, ie scan student card, scan items. Just not sure how to start lol

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              Those self serve check outs, my earlier suggestion and what I described in the last post are all variations of the same method. I'm suggesting that you not use the extend found set method because a script that checks items in or out scan by scan is a simpler script to create. It's actually much closer to the original scripts in the starter solution than what you'd have to use with building a found set, then checking them in or out.

              I'm going to bookmark this thread. I need to look over the starter solution more carefully before I attempt sketching out a plan for modifying it to support batch checking items borrowed/returned. Hopefully, I can find the time to figure something out and post back later today.