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Modify existing Value List and use as portal filter

Question asked by CharlesDestrempes on Feb 16, 2013
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Modify existing Value List and use as portal filter


     I've tried several things and know I am close to the solution...I just can't make this work.

     In table A (Cats) I have a value list which goes "Mixed";"-";and then lots of specific breeds (user modifiable)

     In table B(Adoptions) I have a portal through various relationships which shows cats that are available for adoption.  I want to allow the user to filter the displayed cats via multiple drop-downs.  The drop downs are global vars from my global table and have value lists assigned to them (e.g. Age, Breed, etc.) which  I then simply add into a query on the portal filter functionality (not efficient but record count is small enough it works).  On entry into the adoption records i set each of the filter globals to "All" so there is no filtering done.

     However, for Breed I have an existing value list AND need to somehow insert All in as the first item in the value list so it is selectable by the user.  I've tried a couple of approaches (custom functions to insert/remove items via let) and I just can't get it to work quite right.