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    Modify Find



      Modify Find


      Hi frndz,


                 Cud anyone pls tell me the function of the "Modify Find" button in the Find dialog box. Thanks in advance.

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          Welp, say you do a find for a name field - cause the FBI is breathing down your neck and you need to find all students with the first name "John"

          You get 200 records. (Hey, it's a big school.) 

          The John they are looking for lives on campus. 

          Click the "Modify Find" button and put the name of the main dorm in the Dormitory field. 

          You get 10 records. 

          The FBI is still non-plussed. 

          "Does he play a sport or is part of a club?" You ask. 

           They don't know.  They do know that he's tall, about 6' 6". 

          You plug "basketball" in the sport field. 

          Bingo.  Looks just like the sketch they were holding. 

          You win.