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Modify LP database_ number of faces

Question asked by tovarnuez on Mar 25, 2011
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Modify LP database_ number of faces


Dear all,

I'm new to FM, sorry for asking somthing that might look so simple. I already posted this quesiton one week ago but I'm afraid people didn't understand it right, so I'm refraising it.

I'm trying to do a music database where I can store my LP. Right now I'm using the given template form FM, but I would like to add a place to set the number of faces/ discs of a record. This paramter would then inform the one to many relation and create the desired number of sides on the tracks area.

It would then adition first the duration of the faces, then the duration of the whole tracks.

I've been looking at the relations in the provided music database, but I don't get why there's a trakcs and a tracks all.

Any help is the very wellcome, those who already had a look at my previous post, please excuse me.