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    Modify Timestamp



      Modify Timestamp


           Hi, In my products table I have a field that creates a timestamp when a product record is modified. However I'm noticing that when I go to another layout and return to the products layout, the modification stamp has been updated. Is there a way to set it up so it only updates to a new number when i make an actual change to one of the other fields in the record.


           If not, is there a way to create a field that does this?



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               The field should only update if some field in the record was modified. This could be as subtle as a set field step that sets a field to the value that it already has, but just the change in layouts by itself will not result in the field updating to show a new date.

               Look for script triggers that modify a field in the record.

               Keep in mind that two layouts can refer to the same table so something on either layout might be modifying the record.

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                 Hey Phil, turns out your were right. I have a script that updates every product number (not the auto serial number I use as a primary key) in every record every time one record's product number is updated. So thanks for pointing that out.


                 For anyone else interested,

                 I needed a field that would update a modification time stamp only when certain predetermined fields are changed. This post solved my