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Modifying Content Management Thumbnails Layout

Question asked by NicholasTheisen on Feb 7, 2014
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Modifying Content Management Thumbnails Layout


     Hi all:

     Running Filemaker 13 Pro, and I am interested in using the content management starter solution.   We have been messing with it and modifying it in various ways to get it to meet the company's needs.  I am a bit stuck on a particular desire we have though.  In the content management solution, there is a Thumbnails layout that lets you filter by type of file.  What we are looking to for is a way to modify that filter for other file extensions.  Say we wanted to change one of the buttons to PSD and have it filter only PSD like it does the built in options.

     Looking at it in Edit Layout mode and playing with the buttons I can see they reference:

     GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( 1 ; "content" )

     GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( 2 ; "content" )

     GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( 3 ; "content" )

     And so  forth.  It looks to me like there is a master file that indicates which type of file it filters for based on the number?  1 is all, two is jpgs, etc.

     Is there a way to edit what those numbers are looking for?  I can't find anything like a "content" file or filter that I can change.

     Any thoughts?

     Thanks for reading.