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Modifying field values based on certain criteria.

Question asked by ChrisSmythe on Oct 29, 2012
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Modifying field values based on certain criteria.


     Hello, I am using FileMaker Pro 12 on Windows XP.

     I am hoping someone would please be kind enough to help me with the following problem:

     I have a link to my Test 15.fmp12 database (Account Name: Admin & Password: "there is no password" just click OK.

     I have previously posted this before.  It is under the heading of "Calculation for DeployedStatus Field".  Link:

     Unfortunately, being a newbie, I was unsure how to ask for what I wanted.  Forum members such as Sorsbuster & S Chamblee were very kind and gave me correct FileMaker code.  I should have asked the right question, but do not have the requisite experience and knowledge to know exactly what to ask.

     I tried using a script trigger on the DateDeployed field and specified the onObjectModify event to run a script that I named: Change DeploymentStatus to Deployed.  Here is the steps in the script (kindly provided by S Chamblee):

     If [DbUserEdits::DateDeployed = Get (CurrentDate) and DbUserEdits::DeploymentStatus = "Pending"]
         Set Field [DbUserEdits::DeploymentStatus; "Deployed"]
     Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]
     End If

     I do not know how to trigger the event?

Background on my database:

     My FileMaker database runs in a 24-hour, 7-days per week Call Centre.  We have two people operating on each shift.  There are 3-shifts per day.  The only time our FileMaker database "goes-down" is when our work computers "go-down".  Our work computer has never "gone-down" for a period greater than 48-hours.

What I need is (possibly a script?) to run at time 0001 (one-minute past midnight) each week day (Monday to Sunday inclusive) in the background (without user intervention).

     I need to change the DeployedStatus field value from "Pending" to "Deployed" when the DateDeployed = CurrentDate for all records in the DbUserEdits table.

Please note that if our work computer "goes down" --- very rare occurrence, then I still need to undertake the above-mentioned change retrospectively.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Kind regards,

     Chris :)