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Modifying Password Record and Reflect these changes on actual account

Question asked by KevinPetty on Feb 28, 2011
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Modifying Password Record and Reflect these changes on actual account


We recently made changes to three records in the database that house our users password (records) information due to misspellings and name adjustments that needed to take place.  Once we had made the changes on the users records we tried pulling data on the records we had modified in a database that uses these users records that are in our password database and we were able to access the modified users records but the info that pertained to that users original account that the original record was tied to does not show up.  It seems that since I modified the record it did not reflect the changes on the accounts for these users.  I can still log into the original accounts if I want to access a database because I still have the users original password and the data for that user does show up.  How would I get the modified record to reflect the data in the original account (the original record that I modified no longer shows up in the password database because it was edited)?  I am assuming that since I received a new password for the modified record in our password database i would plug that into the old account so that they correspond?

If I have not clarified correctly please dont hesitate to ask me any questions to verify my question regarding this issue:
Thanks in advance