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Modifying related records

Question asked by RobbyHagen on Jul 28, 2011
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Modifying related records


I am trying to find out how to modify records that are feeding into another record, through the record recieving the information.  I know it sounds weird at first but I can't be the first person to try this so I would appreciate any help offered.


I have a database with the ultimate goal of producing invoices and tracking spending.  This part is working fine.  Where I run into a problem is in the Budget/Task table.  I have several different Budget/Tasks.  Each Task also has a single University, Contract Number, Buyer, and Principal Investigator (PI).  Each PI has a single University.  Universities can have multiple PI's, however.  

In the Budget/Task table these 4 fields are filled through relationships:

1.  I have the calculation of the PI's name feeding from the PI table

2.  I have a calculation of the Universities abbreviation feeding from the University table

3.  I have a Contract Number feeding from its own table

4.  I have a Buyer's Name feeding from its own table

Each of these tables contain more information than just the bits I'm pulling for the Budget/Task table but I would like to be able to create a new Budget/Task and enter the information that would normally be filled by these relationships into the empty fields and have a new record automatically created in the related table (i.e. enter the Contract Number on the Budget page and have a new record created in the Contract Number table).

Is this possible?  Please help, I am so close to having this finished and saving everyone at the office a lot of work.

Thanks in advance!