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Modifying Starter Solutions

Question asked by JamesClark on Oct 22, 2010
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Modifying Starter Solutions


I'm currently running the trials for both File Maker Pro and File Maker Server for 30 days to test how useful they could be for the office I'm working in. We're a small production company with many projects to keep track of, plus a lot of digital media assets and equipment assets. It's an all Mac environment and when we spoke to apple they recommended we should try filemaker, particularly because it has templates which we could customise to match our needs. As this is a small company it seemed that the templates would quite likely fit our requirements.

Before starting this I'd tried to keep track of our equipment by means of an excel document that I would edit each time equipment was taken out on a shoot, I'm using this as my starting point, I'm trying to create a very basic database of our equipment using the asset management starter solution in FileMaker pro. As I'm just testing this out, I've not bothered to delete unnecessary fields or make any substantial changes to the template but I have to say that so far just changing anything at all has proven surprisingly difficult and certainly far from intuitive.

Perhaps it's my inexperience with databases but basic things like adding an extra field to the records are not obvious to me at all, in fact so far that's the only change I've successfully made to the template and only after searching through forums. Anyway my next basic question is, I'm trying to change the 'Category' field of the template so that the drop down list of suggested entries contains either a list of pre-defined categories of my own design rather than the 3 they've provided or better still a list of previously entered categories to prevent users creating redundant categories. Help with this specific problem and any help with how to generally edit starter solution templates would be much appreciated.