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Modifying the Record ID using a Script

Question asked by billk1radius on Aug 10, 2009
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Modifying the Record ID using a Script


Dear Helpful Filemaker Gurus


I am creating a Sales Order system tied to our Customer Contact and Show databases which is so far working really well.

A key feature here is that we will have people with separate copies of the database at different trade shows at the same time.

They have a pull-down to select which show they are at as well as the chosen price list.


An issue is that 2 people at shows SHOWA and SHOWB can be created Sales Orders at the same time and so when I go

to merge the orders I have multiple records with the same record id.


In order to avoid duplicate record numbers I set the record id to the showname - #  so person at SHOWA will have record

ids of SHOWA-1, SHOWA-2 etc and the other show will be SHOWB-1, SHOWB-2, etc.  Then I can import them both in without

conflict after the shows are over.


I have a script to change k_ID_show in the current record that works well.  However, when I create a new record after that

it defaults to incrementing the last k_ID_show instead of the replacement I just set.


Is there a way in scripting to do this so the system sets the new record id as though I am using Manage Database and doing

it manually?  I don't want the users to have to go into Manage Database.


Thanks so much for your help!