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    Modifying/Viewing File Path



      Modifying/Viewing File Path


      Hi Everyone,


      We're using FileMaker Pro 9, and building an internal resource library.  In our database we've created an entry with information for each resource, and in a box we've done the "Insert File", checked insert as a reference, and selected the file.


      However it doesn't work on all machines, and I'm assuming this is because some people might have the communal server mapped to different drives.  Is it possible to view the file path and/or modify it in Filemaker?  I just want to check to see exactly where it's pointing so that I can map all the drives to the same letter, or fix my issue.



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          There are several ways to do this. Here's one I use:


          Define a calculation field and set it to return text instead of the default number type. (Drop down in lower left corner of Specify calculation dialog.)


          Enter the name of the container field as your calculation.


          Place this field on a layout next to your container and make it several lines of text tall.


          You won't be able to modify the filepath in this field, but you can see it.


          To modify the path, you can use set field or replace field contents in a script to modify the contents of a "by reference" container as though it were a text field that stores the path.


          Note: if you have a "mixed shop" of macs and windows machines, they have slightly different file path formats and this will complicate things.

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            You can see what the file path of the referenced container by using:


            GetAsText ( YourContainerField )


            If you use Insert File, IIRC it should be: GetValue ( GetAsText ( YourContainerField ) ) to grab the abolute path