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Question asked by marksystech on Jun 23, 2014
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Modules & Integral Database Development


     Hello all,

     I will apologize in advance if these questions are covered somewhere but I tried a number of different searches and never seemed to find what I hoped to find.

     I have a client that will use FileMaker Server and they've asked me to convert some older databases to V13.  In looking at those databases I see some big problems and I'm going to propose to them that they allow me to create a new solution for them and when possible import older data from the older files.

     I have two questions:

     1) They wish to end up with a number of "modules" like a PO system, Material History Record System, Sales Order System, Inventory, etc.  While these "modules" are somewhat specific they will relate to each other for things like pulling over customer data, updating inventory etc.  They wish to have a menu that once logged in will take a user to a specific module to perform some set of functions.

     It seems to me that the best performance would be to build these modules into one FileMaker database and use menus, scripts, and views to target specific functionality such as POs or Inventory.   Is that generally correct?   

     I mean I understand that FileMaker through scripting can in effect chain to other FileMaker files and even pull data from remote files, but doesn't it make more sense to build the solution in one file so the tables can easily relate?

     2) Integral development.  I can completely see this customer wanting certain modules of their system up and running before others.  So I may be asked to deploy a solution for them that implements the MHR module first.   While they are teasing and beginning to use that I will begin to build the inventory and later the PO etc. 

     My question is as a remote developer what is the best way to "add" new functionality to their existing FM file?  I should be able to get remote access but I'm wondering if their are ways to create scripts which can add new tables, setup new relations etc.  

     I can see that I will have an "updated" version of their FileMaker database where I will development new modules and at some point I need to transfer that new functionality into their existing file.

     How are developers handling this typically?

     Thanks so much in advance!