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    Monitoring use and securities on FPM



      Monitoring use and securities on FPM


      Hello all,

      Is there a way to:

      • Assign user names and passwords for users
      • Monitor and record which layouts users are spending their time on
      • How long they are on on each layout
      • What time of day they are signing in and exit the program

      Idealy this would all be contained in one feature but if it cannot be built into one there could be others.

      Does this make sense?  Please let me know if you have delt with anything similar and how difficult it was to implement as well as how big of a time commitment it will be.

      Thanks so much,


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          If you are talking in terms of Using FileMaker clients to access a hosted database (hosted by FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro), then this can be done. The more layouts you have, the more time this will take to set up as you'll need layout script triggers on every layout that log this information into a table defined for the purpose.

          Use manage | security to assign account names and passwords.

          OnLayoutEnter and OnLayoutExit are script triggers you can put on every layout. (may not need to use both) That run a common script that captures the name of the layout, the account name and/or user name and the current time stamp, logging all this data into a table where you have a field defined for each such item. Calculation fields can then compute the elapsed time.

          To log initial access and final exit, you can use FileOptions to specify that a script be run when the file is opened and also when it is closed, but if you log each time a layout is entered and exited, you will not need these as the first layout entered will be the date and time they signed on and the last layout exited would be the time they exit the program.

          Please note that if the client copy of filemaker crashes or communication with the host is interrupted (can be done as easily as unplugging the ethernet cable to the workstation), the last "exit" event cannot be captured.

          A summary report based on this access log table can be designed to summarize the time spent accessing the database with subtotals for time spent on each layout.