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Month summaries for previous years

Question asked by CrisCaccavale on Jun 14, 2014
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Month summaries for previous years


     Hi, I recently inhereted a customer after his old tech passed away. The tech had set up a very nice looking database in FP, with some nice reports.

     The customer has asked that I design a new report for him showing a summary of his sales for the month compared to previous years. I have been searching and reading about how to do this for a month, and haven't gotten very far. The previous tech has fields for just about everything, but I think my problem is I don't know how to get them properly laid out. When I try, I get all the line items for a single month, regardless of year. I have tried calculations in a script, subsummary reports, and jsut constraining found sets.

     If anyone can start me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.