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      Monthly & Yearly Billing with Portal Fields




      I set up a PO system and I am trying to get it to only show 1 months PO's and total them.


      I set up a field so you can type in the month and year you want to see and I have a portal to view only what was typed in.


      I dont know which formula to use to get it set up. Also I want to get my total to only show the total of my portal not of the actual table its pulling the totals from.

      And the format of the date im trying to filter from is 6/3/2012 


      Or if there is a easier or more logical way of getting the portal to filter by month and year I am all ears.






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          The filter expression would be:

          Month ( PO Database::Date ) = Total for Month::Month AND Year ( PO Database::Date ) = Total for Month::Year

          I am assuming that the portal is based on PO Database and that the layout is based in Total for Month.

          I would define the relationship between the two table occurrences as:

          Total for Month::Year X PO Database::anyfield AND
          Total for Month::Month X PO Database::anyfield

          By including the Year and Month fields in the relationship and using the X cartesian join operator instead of =, the portal will update automatically each time you select a different month and/or year in the year and month fields.

          To get a total of just the filtered records, define a Summary field in PO Database that totals the field from which you want a total. Put this summary field in a one row portal to PO Database with exactly the same filter expression as the first portal. (You can give the portal's borders a transparent color or zero line width to hide the fact that this field is actually in a portal.)