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monthly financial reports

Question asked by lenek on Jun 16, 2009
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monthly financial reports


Having finally finished another database for hubby (THANK YOU for the help!)


I strangely decided to build one for my company.


I'm nearly done but am a little stuck.


To summarise


I have tables inventory, assign sales, sales orders, customers, assign purchases, purchase orders and suppliers


The sales order and purchase order tables are very similar in that each has an order number, date, total value and type (where type is either the type of purchase (inventory, asset, supplies etc) or the type of sale - (which is in effect one of several shops, internet etc)


The sales order and purchase order tables also have a summary field which is a total of the 'total value' fields


What I am struggling to do is my last report - which would show by month all purchases (type and value) and all sales (type and value) and then an overall total at the bottom (which would hopefully be +!)  So showing purchases (expenditure) on the left and income (sales) on the right


I know I need another table linking, but I'm just a little lost over where to go


Thanks for any help