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    Monthly Inventory Count



      Monthly Inventory Count



      I've got a database setup that keeps track of all of our beer in kegs and bottles.  I'd like to now develop a way to do our monthly inventory count thru this database.  That way I can use Filemaker Go to do my inventory on my iPhone.  So I've got a table called Beers and a table called inventory (see attached image).  I'd like a way to enter a date once, then have a portal or another table layout where I can simply go down each row and enter the qty counted on that date.  By the way, I only want to count rows that Beers::status does not = "--".  That way it will show me all beers that are on tap, ready to be tapped, or in bottles.

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          Please describe what you want on the screen with the portal in more detail. Such a portal implies a one to many relationship. Do you want the layout based on Beers with a portal to all inventory entries for that one Beer?

          On another note, I suggest not using the name of the beer in your relationships. Use a serial number field instead. You never know, a brewery might change the name and even if they don't, data entry errors with the beer names can create problems when you try to fix the error after related records based on that incorrectly entered name have been created.