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Monthly report for a multi-month expense.

Question asked by OlivierRamoudt on May 6, 2012
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Monthly report for a multi-month expense.



I'm stuck trying to create a monthly expense report because some of my expenses are asymmetrically spread over several months. For example I get an invoice for a one off insurance policy running from April 2nd till June 6th. How can I get my monthly expense report to report that in April I have 28/30ths of my total amount as expense in May a full months, and in June only 6/30ths. 

In my cost expenditure table I have two fields to enter the date range: 'cost period from' and 'cost period until'.

Also using my two date range fields here above I'm having trouble in Find mode to find my expenses in a certain date range cause if I enter dates in both search fields I need to match the exact from and until date. I would like to be able to search say 4/15 until 4/30 and get all running expenses within that range, and also have the cost amount break down to the date range in question. For example here I'd like to be able to enter in Find mode search 'from 04/15' 'until 04/30' (a 15-day period) and if say my rent is running from 03/17-05/16 get 15 days worth of rent back on my report. 

Any help is much appreciated.