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monthly reports

Question asked by msbehavinmaiden on Oct 20, 2008
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monthly reports


I work at a company where I keep track of all the jobs that we do, and at the end of the month I will print out a report of all the jobs that we did in that month.  I currently have my database w/ access but am working on creating a filemaker database.  I am having a problem creating a report that will show only the jobs that were done between the dates given.


I have fields BeginningDate and EndDate to enter when we started and completed the job.  Currently with access, when I open my report I have a filter box that pops up and I enter the BeginningDate and EndDate that I want to sort within (such as 9/1/2008 and 9/30/2008).  How do I filter a filemaker report to do the same?


Here's to complicate matters more (maybe).  I need the report to show jobs that may have a beginning date less than the one I entered (such as 8/23/2008) if it has and end date within that range (such as 9/13/2008).  I also need it to show any jobs that were started within the range but end after the end date (such as start 9/15/2008 and end 10/3/2008).  As well as displaying any jobs that have a beginning date that begins before the filter date (such as 8/10/2008) and ends after the filter end date (such as 10/5/2008).  This will allow me to show any jobs that were worked on during the month.


I hope someone will be able to understand this.... I am finding that access filters and such are very different from filemaker, which is why I am running into this problem.


Any help offered is greatly appreciated.