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    Monthly totals



      Monthly totals


      I'm very new to this..... I Can't seem to get the hang of trying to figure out to get the monthly totals?


      Another this is how do you save the yearly total amount.  

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          There are multiple options and the structure of your database is a major factor in figuring out what works.


          Here's a generalized method that will work with dated records. (One field in the table contains a date).


          General description:

          Add a field that returns the same value for all dates of the same month, year

          Add summary fields that use "total of" to compute the totals of any number fields you need totals for

          Create a summary report with a sub summary part set for "when sorted by..." and specify the "month" field from line 1.

          Place your summary fields in the sub-summary part

          Create  Trailing Grand summary part and put the same totals in it for your Yearly summary.

          Find all records for one year

          Sort your records by the "month" field and you have the results you want.


          Here's a simple "month" field:

          Date(Month(yourdatefield); 1 ; Year(yourdatefield))


          set the calculation field to return a "date" type.