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Monthly/Weekly report different payment dates

Question asked by jimmelo on Feb 4, 2009
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Monthly/Weekly report different payment dates


Here is my problem.


I have multiple payment lines.  ie. a client can make payments on different days and we have an entry field for each payment date.  Let's say I call the fields Payment1, Payment2, Payment3,etc.  Each payment thus also has a PaymentDate1, PaymentDate2, etc field.  


I want my monthly report to show only payments made this month, or this week or whatever range I choose.  Right now my report will show ALL payments made for a given client if any payments were made in the date range I am looking at.    For example Client A made payment in Dec, 2008 for Payment1, Client A then made payment in Jan, 2009 for Payment2.  If I want a January report I want only to see Payment2 for client A, not his December Payment1.