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Monthname(getastext(date)) ... not working???

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 28, 2009
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Monthname(getastext(date)) ... not working???


I have 1 table

I have 2 fields in that table:

#1 mnthname (text)

#2 dater (date)


mnthname: autoenter calculation = monthname(getastext(date)) returns NOTHING

unless I edit the Dater field and then click out of the record.  It seems that doing so 'refreshes' the mnthname field and it calculates correclty.


The weird thing is that if I do a global field replace, everything is fine.  If I add a record  it also produces the calculation results.


My quesiton is, when I add a calculated field to a table, isn't there a way to get the calculation to take

pLACE immediaitely for all records WITHOUT doing a REPLACE?


I think there is something pretty basic and fundamenal I am missing but can't see it.


Can you?