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    More about pictures



      More about pictures


      A few questions about pictures...


      Filemaker seems to input a few pictures without rotating them (if they are supposed to be upright). Is there a way to adjust this?


      When I batch import pictures from one folder (File > Import Records > Folder), it creates a new record for each photo. I want the folder of pictures to all go into one record, and each picture into a separate container within that record. Is there an easier way to do this instead of inserting a picture one by one for each container field?  


      When I share the database over a network, and that database has pictures in it, users who visit the URL (with full access) can drag the pictures off the database, onto their desktop--and it creates a "data.jpg" file (that is, let's say 460KB, the same size as the original). However, when I try this on the computer that created/maintains the database, I try to drag off the photo and it loads on the desktop as a "picture clipping" instead of a jpg, and this file is 6.1 MB. Why is that and is there a way I can change this?


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      (I am using FMP 10, and working on an up to date Mac Mini) 

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          mclarke wrote:

          I want the folder of pictures to all go into one record, and each picture into a separate container within that record. Is there an easier way to do this instead of inserting a picture one by one for each container field?  

          Why would you want that?

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               because I have info for one record that pertains to several pictures, and instead of repeating info for every picture in a new record, i'd rather have one record with several pictures, each in separate containers. 
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                 No you should have one parent record with the shared info. Then related pictures in a separate table.
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                thanks for the advice. 



                any other ideas re: my questions??

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                  If you follow Mr. Vodka's advice your question becomes irrelevant but you get what you want. Keep in mind that you can display your set of related pictures quite easily.


                  Your other alternative is to import into a temporary table and then set up a script of some sort to transfer the data into the desired multiple fields per record. Keep in mind that this is much less flexible and will take quite a bit more work on your part compared with simply importing all the records into a table and then using a relationship to link groups of pictures to different records in your main table.

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                       Try the Export Field Contents step instead of just dragging them off. That way you get what's in the container, without the operating system stepping in and converting it. Maybe someday they'll be better integrated, but for now it's better.
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                      You purchased a relational database software, so when you are doing things outside the rules of normalization, we will advise you otherwise. Importing via the folder option is by far the easiest and fastest way to get you what you need. If you have shared data amongst those images, as you said earlier it doesnt make any sense to repeat the same info to all of them. That is why you would want a related "parent" record that store that info only once.


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                        that makes sense, thanks. 



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                          Hi, sorry to persist, i'm a little confused...how do I import the pictures to achieve this?


                          For example...let's say my project is about dogs. My database is called Dogs.fp7. I have managed my database and created several fields: name, weight, color, etc. Now, within that database, I want to import several folders of pictures: Bulldog, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, etc. In the Bulldog folder on my HD there are 12 photos and I want to do a batch import of that folder. When the pictures import, each picture is in a separate record (and each record maintains all of the fields I created, but all of the fields are blank). How do I get every record to contain the same information next to the pictures, without typing it in 12 times?


                          I think it has to do with the field mapping settings, but I'm not sure. The only fields that I can connect are the "Image" into the container field called "Photo". Do I create a new table for each dog? 


                          As I said, up to now I have had one record that has all of the info, and then all of the photos on one page. However, I really do want to import folders, to create a faster workflow, so i'm open to ideas...


                          Thanks for your help... 




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                            Using your "Dogs" example. Define a serial number field in your Dogs table, DogID.


                            Create a new table "DogPictures". Define two fields:

                            DogID (number)

                            DogPicture (Container)


                            Click the relationships tab and link your two tables by dragging from one table occurrence box to the other:

                            Dogs:: DogID = DogPictures:: DogID


                            Select your new "DogPictures" layout and use import records to import all your "Bulldog" pictures.

                            Give all these newly imported Bulldog pictures the same DogID number, matching the DogID number found in your Bulldog record in the Dogs table. (This can be automated.)


                            On your Dogs layout, add a portal for displaying records from your DogPictures table.


                            This is likely very new to you so I'd advise reading up on Portals in filemaker's help system to get a better understanding of how to display the dog pictures after you've imported them and linked them to various records in your Dogs table.