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More about pictures

Question asked by mclarke on Oct 15, 2009
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More about pictures


A few questions about pictures...


Filemaker seems to input a few pictures without rotating them (if they are supposed to be upright). Is there a way to adjust this?


When I batch import pictures from one folder (File > Import Records > Folder), it creates a new record for each photo. I want the folder of pictures to all go into one record, and each picture into a separate container within that record. Is there an easier way to do this instead of inserting a picture one by one for each container field?  


When I share the database over a network, and that database has pictures in it, users who visit the URL (with full access) can drag the pictures off the database, onto their desktop--and it creates a "data.jpg" file (that is, let's say 460KB, the same size as the original). However, when I try this on the computer that created/maintains the database, I try to drag off the photo and it loads on the desktop as a "picture clipping" instead of a jpg, and this file is 6.1 MB. Why is that and is there a way I can change this?


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(I am using FMP 10, and working on an up to date Mac Mini)