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    More Access woes



      More Access woes




      have crossed over to FM11 from access and things are going ok thanks to ease of use and the friendliness of the forum.


      i keep running into things i could do with access but can't seem to replicate in fm.


      in access i could have a program run a query that required and asked for a user input ie; name of trainee. the query criteria would look like this;  like "*"&[Name]&"*" which would allow me to type in any consecutive letters within the name to find the name ( my trainees are from all parts and the spellings are difficult to say the least).


      i'm sure you can do this is fm but i would like to know how.




      Nick H


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          A find in basically a query. If you enter find mode and then type in *bob* it would find the equivalent.

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            Thanks. I was hoping that i would be able to specify the field in the find without having to navigate to it. Also does that mean i have to be in a specific layout in order to find anything on it (not so with access).


            btw how does find deal with cross table queries??


            thanks again


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              FileMaker is very much context sensitive. Therefore you will have to perform a search in a layout. If you put a related child field on the layout, searching for a value in it will return the parent records that match that criteria.


              However, you CAN write a script that searches things for you. For exampel, if you use a global field to allow a user to enter in a value ( let's call it gNameEntry ), you can script something as such for the find.


              Enter Find Mode [ ]

              Set Field [ Name; "*" & gNameEntry & "*" ]

              Perform Find [ ]