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More colors in FMP 11?

Question asked by lyle on May 21, 2010
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More colors in FMP 11?


I was trying to set the header background color on a layout to a given RGB value, matching the color of our company logo, and was dismayed to find that colors are limited to a 256 color palette. This took me back to the days of the Mac II. I would rather not use the closest color, as that would not match the background of the logo, and I certainly can't mess with the color of the logo to match FMP's palette. So I am considering the creation of a logo image wide enough to fill the whole header on the widest monitor I can imagine anybody running. This seem fraught with opportunities for things to go wrong, e.g., Maurice gets in his new 40" monitor and wonders why the layout looks funny, etc.


Since we are about to upgrade all our licenses to version 11, I'm wondering if the new version has progressed beyond the days of the Mac II and might offer more colors. Like, millions. I'd download a demo and see, but at the moment I'm using a machine that won't support version 11. Yet.


I'd be most grateful if somebody running version 11 could tell me if its color choices are restricted to palettes.


Thanks in anticipation!