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more info regarding table being imported

Question asked by CompleteRehab on Feb 17, 2010
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more info regarding table being imported


i'm posting another message with more info:  I have been a FM user for 15 years - using FM 10 now, please see the email below that was posted a little while ago: 

long story short...worked with tech support for hours today - trying to remove records from one file and placing into another file - we worked through the process today (i have a claim number if that would help) using a test file.  Now i'm on my own, everything looks right but i'm missing or what do i need to change when i receive the error message "a table cannot be imported into itself"  thank you!! 


I need to take records that i'll call "drop" and move to it's own database (file).  the tech guy worked with me for hours, many long steps but it worked.  So now i'm doing it, everything looks exactly the same (as compared to the same), i have the source listed and the target yet the error message states "a table cannot be imported into itself"  I'm not importing a table into itself - but i can't figiure why it keeps giving me that error...i would appreciate any help!


thanks Barb