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Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 2, 2011
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Having used FMP for a few days, I am surprised (or haven't yet found...) that it's not easy to:


1. Remove deleted records - that is, EXCEPT for the unique one (through the interface without creating some type of self-referential join, etc.). For example, when I import non-relational Excel data, it has hundreds of duplicates. This should be simple to do. Just search using "!" and then select remove (all but one) deleted records. Perhaps the interface would have to prompt you for which unique record to leave (latest, etc.).

2. No raw data view that I can find. When I had to re-import all the Excel data, my portal stopped working. Browse mode doesn't show the "ID" fields in the database. I'm so used to be able to just do a "SELECT * FROM ...." and see everything, I'm baffled how to just do a raw data view.

The Manage database still shows the matching "ID" fields matched between the two tables, but the portal is broken. Debugging is therefore difficult.

Since I'm an Oracle/MySQL developer, I'm not sure I'm thinking about FMP the right way yet. I would love to see a way to just drop down to a command line and do things like I'm used to doing rather than the endless menus, modes, etc..

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


- m