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    Most recent record



      Most recent record


      Is it possible to create a field which shows the most recent (previous) record for that field.

      If I have a table showing production records, including the equipment used to run the product.

      Product 1  ----- 10000 ran ----- Using Equipment 1

      And I run Product 1 next month, can I have a field showing I used Equipment 1 last time it ran?

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          I can't help thinking that you should set up a system where you create a new record in a table defined for that purpose each time that you make a new production run. Data in one set of tables can show you the equipment and Bill of Materials needed to product each product and another set of tables can be used to both schedule a production run and document the actual run plus the resulting changes in product and material inventories.

          But to answer your specific question, I'd need to understand your data model better before I can be sure that my answer helps you. If you have a pair of tables here where table 1 is the list of products and table 2 is the equipment used, I don't see what that link of equipment to product record would change after it is originally set up.