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Mouse Pointer Position?

Question asked by RestaurantCharlie on Apr 29, 2011


Mouse Pointer Position?


Each record has a status (open, processing, completed, etc.)

I have a layout which you can filter by what the status is. Now I want to be able to change the status of found items on that same layout.

I'm figuring out the way to best do that.

Each status has an icon that represents it. Icons are stored as container fields which are related Since you can't make value lists out of container fields, I was thinking that I could clic the container field that has the current status and a small window can open and have the icons for the status you can change it to. With those icons set as buttons and using script parameters, I could close that window and change the status.


Is there a way to figure out an intersection of pixels on the display with the mouse pointer, or an object name or a record number... or something?

Or does anyone have a better idea of how best to solve this issue?