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    mouse wheel



      mouse wheel


      Is there a way to disable the mouse wheel?

      I dont want to move from one record to another by accident while entering data.

      If not, how about a way to lock into a record while entering data ?

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             One option for "locking on" to a record--which may or may not work for your layout design--is to isolate that record into a found set of just that one record. Then there are no other records you can scroll to by accident.
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               Hide and lock the status toolbar.
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              mr_vodka wrote:
              Hide and lock the status toolbar.


              On windows XP, that works for form view but not table or list view. Unless I am missing something?
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                   You can have multiple mice and keyboards plugged in at the same time.

                Buy a wheelless mouse? 5 or 10 bucks vs the time spent finding a solution?
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                  Indeed. I was assuming it was form view not list/table where it probably would be a good thing to have it scroll. 



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                    Thanks to all.

                    The idea of usinging a wheelless mouse will work if I am the only one usining the database.

                    I however am but one of many over a wlan using the database. Too costly to purchase a wheelless mouse for every one, ;)

                    I do like the idea of locking into  a found set as long as it is automatic for every one when they log in to the record to work with.

                    I assume there is some script I can create that will do this ? Layman, noobie here !!, I am not a programmer!!

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                      Steve Wright

                      What OS are you using out of interest ?   I must be missing something here.... 


                      In form view, I can scroll with the wheel between records, unless as suggested I lock / hide the status toolbar, or if a field is selected. 
                      This also locks me to the record. 


                      In both list and table view, the wheel will scroll the screen, but not actually change the record being worked on,
                      regardless of whether a field is active or not, the same record remains the active one (shown by the small black line at the very left)


                      Thats on both Vista & Windows 7.

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                        I am on Win 7. However users will be using win xp, vista, 7, mac, and Linux.

                        This database is built using FMP 10 Advanced,

                        I am in the process of using a browser with it but can only get 5 users in as I do not yet use FMP server.

                        I do relize that if I am in a field that I will scroll the field. But once clicked out of a field, all records ar scrolled.

                        I want to be able to have my users login to just one record at a time.

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                          I'm on FMPA 10v3 Mac OS X 10.6.2. The mouse wheel scrolls the VIEW of the screen but certainly does not scroll from record to record. I'm kind of surprised the mouse wheel would operate differently under Windows, but I'm not a Windows user.



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                            Steve Wright

                            Hi Rick, there are a number of behaviour differences with the scroll wheel on windows when compared to a mac

                            These include how the scroll wheel works in Form View (windows scrolls records / mac scrolls screen) 


                            The only way to stop this is the two methods mentioned.  1 lock the status bar, 2 lock to a particular record (what I do)


                            Certainly something to consider if developing cross platform solutions.


                            The following details the behaviour for both platforms, as for the web published version, I have no idea. 

                            MAC : http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/keys_mac.28.20.html

                            WIN :  http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/keys_win.27.20.html



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                              I'll add my voice to the chorus of complaints regarding the variations of Mouse Scroll Wheel behavior between platforms:  I've developed a solution on FileMaker Advanced for Mac, and now that I'm getting ready to deliver it to end users on Windoze, I'm finding that users are very very very prone to ending up on the wrong record by unintentionally touching the scroll wheel on their mice.   This does not happen on OS X.   This behavior, as has been stated elsewhere, is both counterintuitive and undesirable.


                              I was certain that there would be a preferences item or some such, but no; TS Gal sez that's just how it is.


                              So, now, in at least 35 places where I have used "Go to Related Records" script steps in my solution to display the desired record in a new window, I find myself today having to revisit each and every one of those scripts to find a way to isolate to a single record, so that I can be assured that the users won't stray accidentally to other records.   To call this a pain is a mild understatement.  In some situations, it may even pose difficult-to-overcome problems.


                              To the various contributors that have suggested in these forum threads that I "go out and buy a new mouse," I say, get real: you're saying I should change my *hardware* because of a non-standard behavior variation in a cross-platform solution?? that's ludicrous on the face of it, even if one could assume that I had control over each end users' hardware -- and of course I don't.


                              Grumble grumble.



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                                Here's how I'm working around this little bug-a-boo:


                                I created a new script that is simply the, show all records / omit record / show omitted records series of steps, and called it "record isolator subscript."


                                I then went into my various scripts that use the "go to related records" command and, when appropriate / necessary, called my new subscript.  This seems to handle the supposed "record lock" neatly enough.


                                That being said, I'd still prefer both platforms to work the same in this regard.