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    Mouse Wheel



      Mouse Wheel


           Does anybody know a way to turn off you mouse wheel from scrolling through records?

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               Not really and there's a difference between how this works in Mac and Windows systems if I remember correctly.

               You could limit your found set to a single record to prevent mouse wheel scrolling, but that solution may be worse than the original problem.

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                 I guess I am going to have to deal with it. It is not that big of a deal just sometimes annoying. I just try to disable it via Windows when I really need to. Thanks

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                        I just try to disable it via Windows when I really need to.

                   If you can come up with a command line entry to do that, I can show you a way for a script to use Send Event to do this as part of a script. (And then I'll add an entry to Tutorials in the Known Bugs List database so that I'll have the method on tap for my own future purposes...)

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                     Wow! I would like to do that for other more important things and learn more about that! Really, that sounds like an open can of possibility, link me to any material on integrating batch commands with FileMaker scripting. Thanks (funny if I had not of opened my mouth about the mouse wheel I would of never heard about this)

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                       I have a single example on hand of how to use FileMaker to execute a command line. It makes it possible to create a new folder on your hard drive, which is not possible just from a standard FileMaker script:

                       Set Variable [ $dirName; Value:"EVO PlaceHolders" ]
                       Set Variable [ $desktopUse; Value:Substitute ( "/" & Get ( DesktopPath ); [ "//" ; "" ]; [ "/" ; "\\" ]) ]
                       Send Event [ open document/application; "cmd.exe /C MKDIR " & Quote ( $desktopUse & $dirName & "\\" ) ]

                       I've also set up a table of text fields and used Export records to export selected sets of records in order to both create and execute a batch file of many such commands.

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