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    move all tables at once?



      move all tables at once?


      Here's a question for which there must be a simple answer...

      I have a program which is in constant use in a couple of places, and at the same time I want to continue developing it at home. In the days of dBase and Clipper, one just updated the program and left the data in place, which was maybe two minutes of down time. Now, though, program and data are all in one file. So how does one quickly and efficiently move the data from one iteration of the program to the next? A table at a time works, of course, but is there a way to move all the tables at once?


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          You may not need to move any data. The same Data and interface separation can be done with FileMaker: Convert to Seperation Model

          In cases where you do need to move the data from the original into a new copy (Sometimes you have to modify your table designs...), you can write a script that imports data from each table in turn and that also updates any serial number fields' "next serial value" settings so that new records in the new file won't receive serial numbers already in use.