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    move an object in browse mode



      move an object in browse mode



      using te script can I move an object (Picture) in browse mode?

      Same, can I modify the size of an object (Picture) in browse mode?

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          The only way you can appear to do this is to display the image in a different container field for each move or change in size. Your script can change to a different layout, select a different tab or set a field or global variable's value so that a different calculation field, portal or related field now displays the image.

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            within the same layout, is there a way to set visible/invisible a container?

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              There are several approaches that can be used:

              1) Use a calculation field that returns the contents of your container field or null depending on how the calculation evaluates:

              Example: If ( VisibleFlag ; Containerfield ; "" ) //specify "container" as this calculation field's return type

              If you set the field: VisibleFlag to a non zero value, the contents of ContainerField are returned and the image stored in Containerfield is visible. Set it to zero and nothing is returned, making the image invisible.

              2) Store the image in a container field in a separate table and use the relationship to a it hide/reveal the image.

              Example:  If you have this relationship: MainTable::ImageID = ImageTable::ImageID

              If you change MainTable::ImageID to a value that doesn't match to ImageTable::ImageID for any record in ImageTable, the image diasappears. If you use a portal based on this relationship, you can hide/reveal any other layout objects, such as buttons you might choose to place inside the portal as well.

              3 )Place the container field inside an invisible tab control with at least two tabs--one of which is empty. Give each tab an object name. You can then use Go To Object in a script to select different tabs in this tab control to hide/reveal the container field or any other layout object you place inside the tab.

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                HI, It's quite difficult. is there any other solutions?

                regarding the moving of an object in browse mode, is there another solution then create mutilple copy of the objects?