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    Move Data to another Table once active



      Move Data to another Table once active


      I am new to filemaker and I am currently adding a feature to our current database, and I am not sure of the best way to transfer data to another table. What I am looking to do is add a referral tab onto a customer record (and store info in a referral table) and if a referral becomes a customer I would like to transfer that information into the customer database. I have been reading about ways of doing this and a lookup seems to me to be the way to do it however I am not sure this is the best way. Has anybody any ideas on the best way to do this, I am aware that swapping records between tables is not great practice but I cannot think of a better way.

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          The best way would be to leave all customer and referral records in the same table so that you do not have to move them at all. A status field in this table can identify each record as either "referral" or "customer". To "move" a record from "referral" to "customer" then is just a matter of changing the value in this status field.

          Finds, sorts, portal filters can all be used to isolate either referral or customer records on your layouts so that it appears you have two tables of data when you really have just one.

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            ..and then the Status Field can include other (exclusive) options, like 'Inactive', when they move from 'Referral', to 'Customer', and then out the other side...

            Way to go.

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              Hi thanks for your responses. My problem now with my lack of knowledege is that I have to use the same table twice on the page. If I explain the layout it may make more sense. The page is split into two, on the left is a customer record, on the right is a series of tabs which contain data related to that customer. I have created another tab which will have the referrals. The portal currently has the new table "referrals" defined however it will not let me use the same table "customers" in the portal and also if I use the same fields it mirrors the customer details from the left and I am unable to add a new record.

              I am obviously having problems understanding portals, but for the information to appear correctly do I not need to define a different relationship? I shoulkd have stated I was using a portal, as I am sure this make a big difference, sorry for that, still learning as this is only my second post.

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                Time to introduce a new concept "Table Occurrence". Each box in Manage | Database | Relationships is a table occurrence. It's possible to set up two occurrences of the same table and related them with the X operator. Then you can place a filtered portal on your tab panel  to display all referrals.

                Here's a tutorial on table occurences and how they are a key aspect controlling how Filemaker functions:  Convert to Seperation Model