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    Move Layout Objects with Scripts...?



      Move Layout Objects with Scripts...?


      You can see an object's parameters with:


      GetLayoutObjectAttribute(objectName;attributeName{;repetitionNumber; portalRowNumber})


      But is there a SetLayoutObjectAttribute so that we can get some dynamic animated layouts?

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          Steve Wright

          Im afraid not... layouts can not be manipulated in this way by the calculation engine.

          Only in layout mode im afraid...

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            Are there plans to implement that in a future version of FM? Shouldn't be a problem as FM itself is already able to set these attributes (eg. for scaling, ...). This would open a whole new world to FM layouts and a lot of other feature requests could be covered with this single one.

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              Care to describe what you want to accomplish with this feature? (FileMaker does not announce in advance what they will or will not put into a new release of the software.)


              For example, I have layouts that reconfigure dynamically (or appear to in some cases) when I use iOS devices with different screen sizes to open my solution or when I rotate the device from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

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                a very simple one would be to scale not only one field/object on a layout when a user changes the window size but multiple. Examle: A user changes the width of a window from 1000px to 1200px and not only one field gets 200px wider but 2 fields get 100px wider each (and are of course relocated).


                Basically all conditional formatting could be done the same way in scripts or functions.


                Objects could get min and max values for location and size so that a layout made for a 1280 resolution does not look silly on a huge screen but still has scaling capabilities.


                My second dev platform is .Net with WPF and there are hundrets or even thousands of other examples you can cover there in the same way. What makes me think it shouldn't be hard to implement is the fact that FM uses WPF for it's UI elements (at least on Windows).


                Best regards