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    Move layout objects without layout privileges



      Move layout objects without layout privileges


      Is there a way to let a user account who does not have layout privileges move layout objects around?  In this instance they need to be able to adjust the layout to print out correctly on different printers, but in general I don't want to give them layout access.  I seem to remember somewhere that I saw this solution, that the user could use arrow buttons to move the objects around one pixel at a time or some such...

      I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 on a Mac.

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          Not without a password that permits entering layout mode.

          Allowing a user to modify a layout just to be able to print sounds like a recipe for lots of problems when the user accidentally deletes an object or moves it from body to header or vice versa.

          If you have a layout intended for portrait printing on US Letter or European A4, you can specify layout margins for the sides of your layout to be 0.25 inches (or the metric equivalent), size/position your layout objects to fit to the left of the page break line and almost any printer, printing with portrait orientation will give you very similar results.

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            Thanks, but unfortunately the object (I have the whole layout grouped as one object, so they can't accidentally delete an important component) has to print out precisely onto a preformatted form for submission to an insurance company.  I already created .25 inch margins, but there is still some room for error in terms of getting the (very small) fields to print out precisely where they need to. 

            I'm not attached to giving them layout control necessarily (I agree that with this population especially -- psychotherapists-aka-neoluddites -- it's a potential recipe for disaster), but I'm still hoping to find a way that they can adjust how the layout prints out so that I don't have to make housecalls for every individual person I sell the database to in order to adjust it to fit their individual printers.

            Is there a way to think outside the box that I haven't already considered here?  Maybe something like having the layout set inside a field or something, that would cause it to not be viewed by Filemaker as a layout per se, and that could allow for movement?  I know this seems really far out there, but I feel I've probably thought of the more obvious solutions...

            Thanks again though!  Any other ideas?


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              Is this a single page form or multipage?

              Could you print the form info along with the data onto plain paper or must you use an officially supplied piece of paper?

              One option is to create several layouts "fine tuned" to different printer families. Then a preferences table could be used to specify the layout appropriate for a given printer...

              I've never tried this, but there's also a sliding option for sliding fields and layout objects sideways. I'm just brainstorming here, but I wonder if you could make a horizontal adjustment by placing a field sized to be one page tall, with text specified to be white so that they don't print. You might then put a varying number of | characters in this field (size the field's text to be very small to get  more "fine grained" adjustment) and then set all the other layout objects to slide left.

              That would probably jam all your objects as far to the left against each other as they will slide, so you'd likely need addiitonal invisible layout objects to keep the correct spacing. This sounds pretty ugly, but it might just work.

              For single page reports, you might also be able to save the report as a PDF, then use a web viewer to display it so that you can get the entire report to slide sideways as a unit.

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                As Phil says, you could scan the document, include it as the background on your layout, set your fields exactly where you want, and print everything in one go.

                Assumes copyright is not an issue.

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                  Hmm, the sliding option sounds promising.  I'll look into that and report back if it doesn't work.  And yes, it's a single page form.

                  Unfortunately some insurance companies require you to print out on the official form itself, but for those that don't I have a separate layout and I did indeed scan in the form and have it as the background on that layout.

                  Phil, what do you mean by using a web viewer to display the pdf so you can get it to slide?  Sorry, not picturing it..

                  Thanks guys...

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                    Without the webviewer, all the layout objects slide individually, so you have to take great pains to maintain correct horizontal spacing between layout objects. Using the web viewer, you might be able to have the entire report slide as a single object by placing the previously mentioned text field to it's left and setting both that field and the web viewer to "slide left".