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    Move record from one table to another



      Move record from one table to another


      I have a table of events, which are a kind of 'to do' item. I'm finding that acessing the table via ipad or iphone apps is slow due to the large numbers of completed events in this table. On the mac there is no slowdown, but the ipad (2 and 3) it can be glacial.

      So rather than have a field for completed  events I thought I'd move the completed events to a separate archive table. The completed events are never needed for day to day queries.

      What's the best way to move a record from one table to another?



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          Import records can be used to archive your data. You can set up a script that finds all records that are "completed", archives them to a different table, then deletes them from the first table.

          There may be other factors that affect the speed of your layout updates on the iOS devices. You might try simplifying the layout to use fewer conditional formats, unstored calculation fields etc to see if that helps with the slow downs.

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            Thanks Phil.

            The slowdown is caused by sorting. I have to sit and watch a progress bar sorting thousands of records. Takes forever when you need quick answers that are instant on the desktop but sloooooooooow on an i-device.

            I will investigate "import records" as suggested.