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    Move to Record



      Move to Record


           I would like to type a number in a field (xstop)  and then be able to goto the record that has the same number in it's field (sort_order).


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               Is this a number stored in a field or the record number (the position of the record in the found set).

               If it's a value in a field, you can define  a Self Join relationship that matches the field into which you are entering a number with the field that stores the number. Then Go To Related Records can be used to make the specified record the current record.

               If it's the record number, you can use the Go To Record script step with the by calculation option to do this. (And the box under the "book control" in the status tool bar is already set up to do this.)

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                 So it is a value in a field.  I'm still trying to grasp some of the relationship theories.  Im not getting it to work but I'm not sure I have it correct.  Please see the image. I have a script trigger on modify on the xstop field (this is the field I am entering)  Upon modifying this field I want to goto the matching Presentation_Sort_order record.

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                   got it thank you