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    Move/Resize Window script step



      Move/Resize Window script step




           I'm currently trying to use the move/resize script step and the "maximum" is way too small.  I read in the FileMaker reference that the maximum will not excceed the script user's screen resolution but the this is no on where near full screen.  I'd say it's roughly half the height and width of the screen.  I use OSX Lion, am I missing something or is this as good as it gets?


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               How are you specifying the "maxiumum"?

               Are you using Get ( ScreenHeight) and get ( ScreenWidth ) to specify the maximum window dimensions?

               Are you setting top and left to zero?

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                 I'm not getting a maximum, I'm trying to set the height manually but noticed in the reference material that FileMaker will automatically set a maximum if you go over.  Also note that top and left and both zero.

                 I should also make a small correction, (sorry revisiting this after the weekend)  The width works fine it's the height.  Can't get it higher then about half the screen I'm currently working on.  After I posted I continued testing and it appears that the resolution will not go wider then my smaller screen but it's still strange because there is without question more room for the height.  When I drag the window into my smaller screen and click the green expansion button the height adjusts itself to what I'd like, so the queston is why does it limit itself when there is more room for height?