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Moving calc

Question asked by aklguy on Aug 29, 2009
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Moving calc


Hi guys got a dozy one for you if you can help.

Writing a small database for a mate (in FM10)

He wants some relationship link set up so on one record it shows the total for that record and the 4 previous to it.

so on record 7 for example it will have 7,6,5,4,3 record info and a calc based on those

but then on record 9 it will have 9,8,7,6,5 example

information will be target, actual, difference

once I have that set up he wants a average of the difference as well as the the high and low over those 5 records, in 3 fields below 

would it be best to have a portal row? Field Repetitions? I am going with Field Reps myself but I cant make it work.

example below: (on record 7)

(on the left side) 


Target $x

Actual $y

Difference $d 


(on the right side)

Record    Target    Actual  Difference

   7        $x         $y        $d

   6        $x         $y        $d 

   5        $x         $y        $d 

   4        $x         $y        $d

   3        $x         $y        $d 

Total Target $TT

Total Actual $TA

Total Differ $TD 

Av Diff $AD

High Diff $HD 

Low Diff $LD


Get what I mean??