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Moving data (of repeating fields) to next line

Question asked by R12GS on Feb 4, 2014
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Moving data (of repeating fields) to next line


     I am using script variables to log 'now' conditions.  We are not keeping the data, it's just so the sales manager can see if his guys are taking care of business.  I have composed a $variable to put it in line 1 and this works well.  But now he wants to keep a few of the "old" so he can see progress.  It seems this might be a decent use of a 'repeating field' because I already have the field.  I will show him 3 lines to start, maybe he will want a longer history up to 5 lines.

     My idea is to use a repeating field.   Each time line1 is updated, 

     1) Move Line2 into Line3

     2) Move Line1 into Line2

     3) Get new data for line1

     This seems fairly simple, can anyone offer hints or a similar example of scripting to get started? What I'm having trouble with is moving the lines in the repeating field.